Taekwondo Lesson

On meeting week number three, two experienced guys from the TKD club came to teach us a few techniques. I was a half hour late to arrive, but in the remaining half hour, I learned two pretty important things.

First, I am not flexible enough. Side kicks, which are kicks outward while the body is turned, were very uncomfortable in my hips. I could not reach very high either. From my little knowledge in TKD, the ability to reach someone’s head height with a kick seems important. I imagine that flexibilty will be an issue in learning most martial arts.

Second, after kicks, they began to teach us some fist and arm strikes. One of the defensive arm techniques appears uncomfortably brutal. If a person grabs your collar or shoulder, the technique involves peeling their arm off and curling it until they are forced to bend over with palm held to the sky. At that point, you use your free elbow to break their elbow, elbow strike their elbow again, elbow strike their face, and finally strike their elbow again. So basically, the core of the move involves breaking their elbow, and then hitting that already broken elbow two more times. It seems like the goal is to leave the attacker maimed and writhing in pain.

I do not particularly wish to continue with TKD, since it does not match my goals, but it was definitely very cool to learn some moves from people who know what they are doing. So far, I like the structure of this CM.


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