Kung Fu Fighting

After missing the Kung Fu teaching week due to weekend travel, I rejoined for the fighting week.  This week, we joined a club meeting at their regular time, so we trained with the practitioners of the art.  One of our teachers was a professor at Virginia Tech named Dr Denbow, who teaches the Chinese Medicine honors colloquium.

Dr Denbow spent much of the time emphasizing the health benefits of the low impact forms.  One of the most emphasized aspects of our lessons was to keep joints loose during all moves.  This looseness is supposed to allow the maximum amount of power to be transferred through the strike while simultaneously minimizing the potential damage to yourself.

In my opinion, the best part of the meeting was the warm up.  We started with normal stretching, push-up, and sit-up exercises, and then we moved onto walking exercises . The dragon walking, especially, was incredibly difficult.  Despite a consistent weight lifting regime, my thighs were burning after about two minutes.  This is one of the things that I will looking for in this colloquium, but I plan to expand on that thought in a later post.

In all, I enjoyed kung fu, but I do not plan to continue with their meetings.


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