The Adventure Begins!

After 24 hours straight of travelling, I have arrived!

As I write this, I am sitting on my bed at about 0800 watching Capolago wake up. Capolago, Switzerland is the town right next to Riva San Vitale, where I will be studying this semester. I have a beautiful mountain view

So, before I leave my hotel room and truely start my semester, some random thoughts…

-The absolute worst thing about travelling? Being the American that goes to another country and expects them to accommodate me because I do not speak their language. I spent quite a bit of time working on Italian during the past month, and I think my language skills are workable, but I immediately reverted back to English when I arrived. I blame that on sleep deprivation (only ~1 h of sleep over a 36 hour period). Today should go better.

-I remember a lot more French than I was expecting. I could understand all of the important information (time, directions, etc). Pretty cool

-There are strange knobby trees here that appear to be excellent for climbing. I wonder if that’s frowned upon…

-I see a few busses and lots of cars going both directions, which is surprising because Capolago and Riva appear to be very tiny. I don’t believe either are through-routes. It could be commuting, but I would expect most to go toward the main road if that were the case.

And most importantly:
-The people were unfailingly kind at every leg of my long journey. A few examples: A train employee decides not to charge me a train reservation fee because I had accidentally gotten on the wrong train (the train I needed did not require reservations). A man in France checks to see if I had validated my train ticket (I didn’t realize it was necessary) to help me avoid a fee. I asked someone if a train went to Capolago, and he said yes, then guessed my hotel and gave me directions to it.
Now to really start my journey!


One thought on “The Adventure Begins!

  1. I hope the friendliness of the people has continued throughout the semester. Did you get a chance to climb any trees?

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