Class List on Resume?

My current resume includes a class list, as advised by a counselor two years ago. The point of my class list, reproduced below, was to demonstrate to employers my technical skills. Does it work well for that?

Relevant Classes:
– Engineering: Intermediate Dynamics · Vibration and Control · Thermodynamics · Fluid Mechanics · Materials Engineering · Mechanics of Deformable Bodies · Computational Methods · Engineering Design
– Math/Science: Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism · Modern Physics · General Chemistry · Differential Equations · Operational Methods · Multivariable Calculus · Vector & Complex Analysis

The first and most obvious problem with this class list method is that it is long. Would an employer read through the list to check for a specific class? Probably not. With eyes only looking at my resume for a minute or two, I would rather more time be spent looking at more personalized and important items.

There are two possible solutions here: shorten the list or remove it. An problem with this approach is the interdisciplinary nature of engineering stuff. An energy harvesting project, for example, could require any of vibrations, fluids, thermodynamics, and electricity and magnetism or it may require none of them. The specifics of the project would be needed to tell. What are the most relevant classes to the company to which I am applying? I do not know. It may be easier to narrow down the list for, say, a business major who has taken management, finance, and marketing classes. Then, only marketing classes need to be listed when applying to marketing position.

Operational Methods · Vector & Complex Analysis

Another problem with my class list can be seen above. Without prior knowledge, do those class titles tell anything about the material covered? No, they do not. I should have long ago removed those classes, possibly replacing them with “Vector Calculus.” Even though that is not any exact class, it more accurately represents the material covered. However, this is risky because it may be interpreted as a lie if the employer investigates. In this case, I think the best course of action is to remove it altogether.

Relevant Classes:
– Engineering: Intermediate Dynamics · Vibration and Control · Thermodynamics · Fluid Mechanics · Materials Engineering · Deforms · Computational Methods
– Math/Science: Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism · General Chemistry · Differential Equations · Multivariable Calculus

With those two classes and several other classes removed and “Mechanics of Deformable Bodies” changed to the common nickname “Deforms,” the above list remains. It is significantly shorter, but still above the recommended limit of 5-6 classes. This is probably a suitable general list if I could tailor it to specific positions, but I do not believe that will be very easy. At the very least, it is much better.

Any suggestions? Do any of you list your relevant classes on your resumes?


2 thoughts on “Class List on Resume?

  1. I don’t have classes on my resume but I do list them on my curriculum vitae – that was until I had more publications on the CV and the classes weren’t needed as much. I prefer to look at skill sets on resumes – can these classes be translated into skills? Although that may be an even longer list.

    • Thanks for the input. I think I will remove them entirely. I already have a skills list, but I haven’t listed everything that I have learned from classes. Instead, I’ve listed equipment and computer skills under my skills list. If I put the skills learned in classes on there, it would be unreasonably long. Would that be preferable to leaving those skills off entirely?

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