Teaching smart people how to learn

If you can access the full article, take a look at Harvard Business Review’s Teaching Smart People How to Learn. It is 15 pages long, but it may be one of the most important articles that you ever read. The author notices that some of the most high-achieving people fail to learn effectively from mistakes and improve their performance, and then he analyzes why that happens and how to improve it in the context of business.

In my own experience, almost everyone seems to struggle with a similar problem. I noticed it in myself ~4 years ago (in the social arena) and later accidentally noticed that it also applies elsewhere. I have been working to improve my methods ever since. Here is the crux of the issue as I see it: everyone assumes that the best response to failure is to attempt to apply their current methods more rigorously. When, for example, their study methods yielded A’s in high school but C’s in college, people tend to do one of two things. Either they work longer and harder using the same methods (e.g. studying late into the night, going to all of the office hours, etc) or they assume that they are simply a “C student.”

If you think that sort of attitude describes your actions in school or in anywhere else in life, you may find it a highly enlightening read.


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