Alternate between obsessions

This idea, that the best way to achieve balance and live a great life is to switch between short term obsessions, was tossed around in Dr. Gardner Campbell’s seminar titled “Focus is Not Only Overrated but Possibly Dangerous.” Despite the controversial-sounding title, in the seminar he wasn’t arguing that focus is bad. Rather, he asserted that it is bad to decide prematurely to give something up.

I brought up that we obviously need to make choices with our time, with which he agreed. He responded that his point is to not decide permanently to stop when that interest .

The most interesting idea that arose was this idea of obsessions as being the base of a interesting and fulfilling life. But here is the rub: this requires bursts of intense focus, otherwise known as obsession, on a single idea. How do we, the Facebook generation, make this happen? I don’t know yet. I will find out!


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