Summer fun

I will have approximately 3-4 weeks this summer between finishing undergrad and starting research in grad school. How should I use the time? Well, I want to relax. There will be a lot of time spent lounging, which I look forward to after this rather crazy semester.

I also want to do some interesting intellectual activities too. I want to hit a perfect sweet spot with enough fun intellectual activities that I can accomplish them and still recharge completely.

Here’s my tentative list:

  1. Figure out pointers and some advanced object orientation concepts. These are some issues that came up during my research work, and I’m really interested to figure them out. The test: I believe that when i can pass a matrix to a function using pointers and when I can build all of the functions in my program using OO concepts like inheritance, I’ll understand them.
  2. Learn lisp. Lisp is a programming language. I already know C++, Matlab, and Labview pretty well, and I have heard that lisp is eye-opening. It’s also supposedly a very powerful language. It sounds really interesting and fun.
  3. Rewrite my CFD program to be clean, readable, and bug-free using the techniques learned above.

It’s a short list. I could theoretically do #1 and #3 in a single day. I also believe that I could learn lisp to a decent level in just a couple days as well. I’m excited.


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