Meet the Contributors

Chantie Nguyen :: Psychology

After wanting to be a Farm when she was 5, a Marine Biologist when she was 7, a Veterinarian when she was 11 and a Teacher when she was 14, Chantie thought that it would be even better to blog about education–an area in desperate need of improvement.

Her interests include, but are not limited to: physics, engineering, math, human behavior and development, better ways for sharing information, Pokemon, eating, and ideas on how to innovate and improve.

Visit her twitter stream: chantichant


Chris Prohoda :: Engineering Science and Mechanics

Driven by an extreme dislike of things that do not work well, education became Chris’ main extracurricular interest about 2 years ago. Now, he focuses on designing systems which help students learn without divorcing them from their community. He envisions a world that moves beyond the old model where the sole value of a student’s work is the letter on top when returned. His current project involves designing structures which help students develop key critical thinking, creativity, and technical skills by creating and researching things that will contribute real value to the world.

Visit his personal (very technical) blog: The Reinvented Wheel


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