Professional Development through Undergraduate Curriculum Education

ProDUCE VT is a sequence of courses which will develop in students a diverse set of professional skills, foster a sense of motivation and engagement in participants, and showcase students’ capacity for high-caliber work. We accomplish these educational goals by providing students with the opportunity to tackle significant and stimulating collaborative endeavors. ProDUCE VT, in its essence, is a course structure which utilizes the plethora of educational benefits seen in collaborative and challenging project-based experiences to educate our students, progressively incorporating their complex, uncertain, and free form nature into our sequence.

ProDUCE VT is designed to foster undergraduate students’ analytical and collaborative capacities by providing experience working together across disciplines, integrating disparate information, solving problems and managing projects. As students advance through the program, they work with increasingly involved and realistic issues to develop applicable and effective solutions.

We begin with an introductory sequence of courses designed to equip our students with the capacity to effectively approach problems and their solutions in a group environment. Students will then focus on applying all they have learned to real problems through a Minor and Major group project of their selection. The Minor Project is to acquaint them with the difficulties of solving problems within a real environment, leading to the prominent Major Project. The final Project for our students is the proposition, development and presentation of a significant, 2-3 semester, group project.

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To discover for yourself how we can accomplish this.


Students will be proud of this accomplishment. For many students, their Major Project and the steps leading up to it will be a defining part of their undergraduate education. Students will have produced impactful change on an issue they feel very strongly about. They will have created something worthy of recognition and appreciation. Students will be able to walk into an interview with a very strong piece of work backed by the confidence, professional skills and motivation it took to produce it.


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