ProDUCE VT: Courses

Below are the core courses of our proposal; beneath each of which is a concise description of the novel educational goals we intend for each class.

Each step of this sequence builds upon the skills and experience that students have developed in preceding courses.

Problem Discovery

  • Recognize the inherently complex nature of problems
  • Discern the underlying aspects of real-world problems
  • Introduction to collaborative, cross-disciplinary environments
  • Development of communication skills

Solution Generation

  • Build upon knowledge and skills developed in the Problem Discovery course
  • Recognize and address constraints imposed by real-world problems
  • Development of technical writing and communication skills
  • Experience discovering and integrating outside views & experiences into solutions

Minor Project

  • Firsthand experience with the complexity of issues and difficulties arising from same
  • Experience with project and solution development
  • Refinement of the set of collaboration and communication skills developed throughout the program.
  • Foster motivation and engagement through the development of this interest-based project.

Major Project

  • Refinement of all previous capacities and aspects of Project Management
  • Firsthand experience implementing a well-defined project
  • Resolution of and adaptation to unexpected difficulties
  • Experience being an effective advocacte
  • Engagement and motivation fostered by the realization of an applicable, effective and pragmatic solution

Behind the continuous, overlapping nature of the classes lies the philosophy that this program is more than the classes as individual components; it is how our program will guide and facilitate a steady build up of our students’ abilities while also pushing their capacity to integrate, collaborate and create.



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