ProDUCE VT: Major Project

Students will be proud of this accomplishment. For many students, this project and the steps leading up to it will be a defining part of their undergraduate education. Students will have produced impactful change on an issue they feel very strongly about. They will have created something worthy of recognition and appreciation. Students will be able to walk into an interview with a very strong piece of work backed by the confidence, professional skills and motivation it took to produce it.

.       The Major Project is dedicated to actualizing student interests into solutions.  Students will assemble multidisciplinary teams to work on an interdisciplinary project.  Throughout this project, students will: educate each other on their respective disciplines in order for them to adequately communicate and work together;  organize, design, and produce a project; advocate for their cause; and present their project.

.      Students select their teams based on similar interests and create a proposal for their Major Project, which requires extensive preliminary research, on-going in-group collaboration, communication with and incorporation of third ed by the confidence, engagement and motivation it took to create it.parties.  Students develop and submit their action plan proposal to an Advisory Board for approval.

.      Students will work together over multiple semesters to produce and refine their project. They meet frequently with faculty advisors and fellow student groups to encourage trans-group communication and ensure consistent progress. Groups are encouraged to communicate with outside parties to discover avenues where their solution may be implemented.

.      Teams are expected to complete mid- and end-term presentations and/or progress reports.   The final product is assessed with expectations similar to that of an undergraduate thesis, albeit acknowledging the horsepower of additional students.

.      For their final assessment, teams will present their results to a board consisting of a range of people, including university faculty and outside panelists from businesses/government agencies/etc.. The final product will be made visible to the public at large; students are expected and required to be advocates for their issue of interest throughout the Major Project.

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