ProDUCE VT: Minor Project

.       The Minor Project, as it has been temporarily dubbed, is a semester dedicated to the development and implementation of a group project designated by the student groups. This period introduces students to operating within an independent team dynamic and actually working on real-world problem solving!

.         At the beginning of this course, students organize themselves into teams aligned by similar interests.   The perpetual assignment throughout Discovery and Generation will significantly assist students in selecting interests  and coming together in teams.

.       In-class time is used to instruct students in networking strategies and technical writing skills while also serving as a period for tans-team collaboration and instructor guidance.  Outside of class, students work on preliminary research, discovery and contact of third party resources, on-boarding of an advisor, proposal creation and revision, and the development of their solution!

.       After the successful development and proposal of a group’s project, teams work on developing their solution.  In the process, they must address and resolve conflicts.  A presentation of the solution to both the public and fellow students is required of every team, either by publicly advocating for their issue and solution or presenting their work at a symposium.

We envision many groups and individuals discovering and working with issues they are passionate about, increasing their overall motivation and engagement with their education. Not only that, though: through this passion we may see some really awesome and impactful efforts being accomplished, improving the community and providing students with a solid piece of work to showcase.

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