ProDUCE VT: Problem Discovery

.       This course serves as an introduction to analyzing real-world problems.  In-class course time will be spent working within groups on the application and exploration of presented problems. Presented topics might range from: “What is a ‘problem’?” to specific case studies of international issues to individual, personal challenges the students may be facing. Students work in collaborative groups to address these topics and present interesting discoveries to their fellow students. Outside of the classroom, students are asked to reflect on assigned readings, note simple problems they observe on campus, or continue researching an individual interest assignment.  The course will include guest lectures on existing problems from university faculty members, as well as speakers from outside of the university.

.       This course is specifically differentiated from Solution Generation through its avoidance of the constraints surrounding the implementation and practicality of solutions.  The purpose of Problem Discovery is for students to thoroughly study what a problem is before attempting to solve it.  Students are gradually brought through the exploration of problems to the analysis and creation of solutions.

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