Switzerland Report: References

Below we have provided annotations for the references utilized in our Switerzland: Higher Education report.

[1]  Rectors’ Conference of the Swiss Universities.  2011.  Studying in Switzerland: Universities [Booklet].  http://www.crus.ch/dms.php?id=61

[2] Federal Office for Professional Education and Training. 2011. Vocational Education and Training [Fact Sheet].

[3] Scharnhorst, U. 2009. Innovative Apprenticeships: Promoting Successful School-to-Work Transitions- The Example of Switzerland. http://www.inap.uni-bremen.de/dl/pres09/keynotes/Scharnhorst.pdf

[4] Rectors’ Conference of the Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences. 2012. Studying in Switzerland: Universities of Applied Science. www.hes-so.ch/documents/showFile.asp?ID=6338

[5]Federal Office for Professional Education and Training. 2011. Professional Education and Training [Fact Sheet]. http://www.bbt.admin.ch/themen/berufsbildung/index.html?lang=en&download=NHzLpZeg7t,lnp6I0NTU042l2Z6ln1ad1IZn4Z2qZpnO2Yuq2Z6gpJCDeYJ6fmym162epYbg2c_JjKbNoKSn6A–

[6] Ordinance on Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPETO), Chapter 3: Professional Education and Training (PET). November 2003. Swiss Confederation.

[7] Swiss Health Quality Association. 2012. Prufungsordnung uber die Berufsprufung fur Pharma-Spezialistin/ Pharma-Spezialist.


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