Switzerland Higher Education: Culture

In our efforts to better understand how education shapes Swiss culture and how its culture shapes its education, we traveled across the different regions making observations and conducting formal and informal interviews.

I. Diversity

II. Students

III. Politics

IV. Finances

V. Internal Mobility

IV. Internationality and the Bologna Process

In our formal interviews we encountered:

Dr. Christoph von Arb – Director, Consul of the Swiss House for Advanced Research and Education [April 23, 2013]

Clau Dermont – President of the Swiss Student Union [March 22, 2013]

Dr. Giancarlo Spinelli – Head of International Relations for Politecnico di Milano

Giorgia di Lenardo – Marketing Manager at Universita della Svizzera italiana

Dr. Mauro Dell’Ambrogio – Swiss State Secretary of Education and Research [April 2, 2013]

Dr. Ursula Scharnhorst – Head Dept. Research and Development at SFIVET [March 22, 2013]

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